​Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force

High Technology Crimes

In today’s world, many crimes have a Hi-Tech component.  Hi-Tech Crimes detectives work ID Theft as well as assisting with forensic examinations of computers, cell phones, and various other types of digital media. 

A common crime that is usually classified as a “Hi-Tech Crime” is internet scams.  These scams are generally perpetrated by suspects outside the U.S.  Due to this obstacle our Task Force does not actively follow up on scams with international ties.  We contact many people who are unwittingly middlemen for the scammers, however these incidents rarely result in prosecution.

There is currently one full time dedicated forensic investigator assigned to the Task Force. In addition several other investigators are forensically trained and certified.  A forensic examination can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks depending on the storage size and content of the device(s).