2.  NEVER put checks or bill payments in your mailbox.  Take them to the Post Office or use the    

     large size mail bin.

purse and cell phone setting on car front seat
Paper shredder
burglar on the telephone

3.  PROTECT you debit and credit cards.  Treat them like a big stack of cash.  Watch what people  

     you give them to do with them.

ID Theft Safety Tips

burglar standing next to mailbox

6.  ALWAYS check your monthly bill or statement for suspicious transactions or activity.

1.  SHRED anything that has any personal information about you before you throw it in the trash.

person checking credit card bill with a calculator

5.  NEVER give out personal information over the phone or online unless you have initiated    

     the contact. 

4.  DON'T leave items you do not want to be stolen in your vehicle.  ID Thieves know to look

     in vehicle for personal identifying information.

These simple tips can significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of ID Theft.

Person handing over credit card to merchant